2016 Phil Roberts Memorial Scholarship Program Award Announcement

NiUG International is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2016 Phil Roberts Memorial Scholarship Program. This program ensures all iMIS users – both large and small – have the opportunity to maximize their iMIS investment by obtaining the required training and education. 

In recognition of Phil Robert’s leadership, vision, and passion, up to five scholarships will be awarded every year – three Phil Roberts Memorial Scholarships and two Phil Roberts e-Learning Scholarships.

Phil Roberts Memorial Scholarship

The Phil Roberts Memorial Scholarship was designed to allow iMIS users to participate in the annual NiUG Discovery Conference Series by attending the conference of their choice –  either the United States, Canada, or Asia Pacific conferences.

Recipients are awarded a scholarship valued at $1,500 including full conference registration and up to $500 in travel expenses.

2016 PRMS Recipients

Ed Whitver, Deputy Executive Vice President at Iowa Medical Society

Kasandra Amaro, iMIS Database Coordinator at Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists

Tawedzera Majongwe, IT Manager at Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe

Phil Robert e-Learning Scholarship

The Phil Robert e-Learning Scholarship was designed to allow iMIS users to obtain training without any additional travel expenses, at their own pace, and on their own schedule.  Recipients are awarded a scholarship valued at $250.

Each award includes access to a package of recorded conference sessions and related materials tailored to the recipient’s educational needs.  Options include an Administrator Package, Basic User Package, Web Module (RiSE) Package, or a Reporting Package. Each package includes one full day training course or two half day training courses and 6 related breakout sessions.

2016 PRES Recipients

Connie Ferraro, Director of IT at PA Bankers Association

Heather Kramer, Vice President & COO at Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents


Congratulations to all recipients and thank you to all the applicants for their interest and efforts. Click here, to learn more about the Phil Roberts Memorial Scholarship Program.