Bregal Sagemount Makes Minority Investment in Advanced Solutions International

ASI has asked that we post the following press release for our members to review.  NiUG is working closely with ASI to understand the significance of this investment to our iMIS users and product.   As more details surface we will share the information with all of you, our members. 

Thank you
Michele Morgan
Executive Director, NiUG International

FROM Robert S. Alves, Chairman and CEO, ASI TO iMIS Clients

I am pleased to announce the investment of a substantial amount of money  into our company by Bregal Sagemount, a New York City based Global Private Equity firm.  This is a special day for all of us as it marks a brilliant achievement that not many companies could have accomplished.  Bregal Sagemount is extremely selective about which companies they invest in.  Especially those that are minority investments, since they have less control.  But our company has met those stringent criteria and in many areas our new investors felt we exceeded their criteria.  They ultimately agreed to a minority investment which means they have the utmost confidence in our Management Team to execute our future strategy. 

For our clients this investment means we have more resources to bring our vision for iMIS 20 to fruition including engagement management, RiSE, cloud options, and much more! You can read the full press release here:

This announcement is the conclusion of a journey that actually started about five years ago.  Don Robertson, Fred Lawrence  and I were also extremely selective in choosing the right financial partner for our future business development. 

We were seeking a partner that ;

  1. Respected what we have accomplished over the last 25 years on our own,
  2. Had experience investing in companies in our industry that transitioned from a traditional licensing business model to a subscription model and achieved a successful outcome,
  3. Could bring a fresh, new and modern perspective to the ASI Board
  4. Could add to the Management capability of ASI at the Board level
  5. Could deliver follow on financing for future investments if we needed it
  6. Had a great reputation with their clients as smart, innovative, honest and helpful people

Bregal Sagemount met all of our criteria.

Don and I are motivated more than ever to continue to make ASI a great company!  We invite all of you to join in for the next exciting chapter of the ASI story!  

Robert S. Alves
Chairman and CEO, Advanced Solutions International (ASI)