Announcing the 2016 John Howarth Memorial Award Winners

Each year we recognize two individuals who have distinguished themselves in service to the iMIS community while representing NiUG’s mission with passion, persistence, optimism and grace under pressure. 

The 2016 recipients of the John Howarth Memorial Award (JHMA) are:

Brian Schramm, CAE • Chief Financial Officer at the Society of Critical Care Medicine

Brian has served on our Board of Directors for nearly six years and has been key in helping our organization become more strategic, ensuring a solid financial future. Brian volunteers as NiUG Treasurer and provides uncountable hours of his personal time to ensure NiUG is physically and financially sound.

Mark Jones, CAE • President at enSYNC Corporation

Not only does Mark present at NiUG conferences, he also volunteers as both a mentor and a moderator. His organization, enSYNC Corporation, has been a NiUG member dating back to 2002.  In addition to promoting the importance of a NiUG membership, he encourages his staff to volunteer with our organization and to always give back to the community.

The award winners were announced at the opening session during the 2016 NiUG Discovery Conference in Baltimore, Maryland on September 27, 2016. “The award recognizes individuals who reflect the passion John always displayed for the iMIS Community in his life and career, said Michele Morgan, Executive Director of NiUG International.  “I was pleased to learn of this year’s winners, I have known both Brian and Mark for many years and they both have a passion for NiUG to be successful and are continually strong advocates for NiUG.”

The JHMA recognizes those individuals who through their passion, persistence, optimism, and grace under pressure, have distinguished themselves in service to the iMIS community, represents the mission of NiUG International, and mirrors the quality of John’s character. 

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