Seeking Applicants for Conference & e-Learning Scholarships

The application period is open for NiUG International’s Phil Roberts Memorial Scholarship ProgramThis program allows iMIS users – both NiUG members and non-members alike – to get the iMIS training and education they need with minimal or no expense.

The application period will remain open until March 31, 2017.

Up to five scholarships will be awarded – three Phil Roberts Memorial Scholarships (conference scholarships) and two Phil Roberts e-Learning Scholarships (e-learning scholarships).

The Phil Roberts Memorial Scholarship enables iMIS users to attend the Discovery conference of their choice – either in the United States, Canada, or Asia-Pacific regions by providing a full conference registration and up to a $500 in travel expenses.

The Phil Roberts e-Learning Scholarshipallows iMIS users to get iMIS training without any additional travel expenses and at their own pace via NiUG’s Learning Center

Scholarship applications are available on the NiUG International websiteand will be accepted through March 31, 2017. 

For more information, please contactMichele Morgan, NiUG International’s Executive Director

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