NiUG is an independent user group dedicated to ensuring organisations who make the investment in iMIS maximise their investment in the both the technology and the staff they employ to administer and utilise it.

We have 80 member organisations in Asia Pacific and over 750 world-wide. The benefits that come with membership support our central mission to “share, compare and become more aware”.
NiUG is the centre of all user communication regarding the iMIS product. We provide the forum for members to connect and network both in person and online. NiUG is where iMIS users ask for guidance and get advice to technical questions but most importantly NiUG is a collective voice to the developers of iMIS, ASI, suggesting future product development, highlight common issues and requesting product improvements.

Throughout the year NiUG provide members with in person learning events on iMIS related topics. These meetings are led by iMIS experts and users alike where members are encouraged to share their experiences and more importantly table any questions they may have. These meetings are an opportunity to get the type of advice that will positively impact your next project through the experience of others. We also provide training days to educate users on the best way to use the software. Our annual conference is split into training and educational sessions to provide a balance of the “how” and the “what”.

As a group of volunteers we are dedicated to enhancing use of the software product so that organisations can get the ultimate benefit of their capital investment in the iMIS software technology. If you are interested in providing us with any assistance please let us know by emailing Liza at membership@niugap.org

NiUG AP Staff
Liza Amridis - Sponsorship and Events Coordinator: liza@niugap.org
Kath Latchford - Member Services Coordinator: kath@niugap.org
Our committee is made up of the following volunteers:  
  • Marni Bradley (Electrical Trades Union of Australia-Victorian Branch) - Chair. Marni has been involved with the NiUG Community since 2008 and joined the NiUG AP Committee in 2015. Marni is responsible for the membership strategy and has previously been a representative on the NiUG International Board. Marni is based in Melbourne and works for the Electrical Trades Union of Victoria as Membership Manager.
  • Rod Dalglish (Electrical Trade Union of Australia-Victorian Branch) - Board Member, Treasurer and responsible for all finance/book-keeping. Rod has been involved with NiUG AP since its' formation in 2007 and has served an active role, taking on various areas of responsibilities including Founding Chair, Treasurer, Programs Chair and User Group Chair. Rod works with the Electrical Trade Union of Victoria as the General Manager Business Services
  • Doug Morris (Computer System Innovations-CSI Inc) - Committee Member and responsible for Conference Program and iMIS with NiUG International. Doug has been involved with the NiUG AP community since our formation in 2007 and recently joined the Committee. He is currently the Programs Chair. Doug is also the founder of CSI Inc, an Authorised IMIS Solution Provider based in Chicago.
  • Jess Donati (Australian Medical Association NSW) - Committee Member and responsible for the events and conference marketing. Jessica has been involved with NiUG AP since 2014 and joined the NiUG AP Committee in 2016 taking on the role of Events and Conference Marketing Chair. Jessica works with AMA NSW as Membership Manager.
  • Travis Campbell (causeis) - Committee Members (Technical iMIS User). Travis became involved with the NiUG Community in 2016 and joined the NiUG AP Committee in 2017. Travis has a extensive background in business systems and ERP implementations, and training in the retail sector. Travis is based in Melbourne and is currently Technical Solutions Consultant at causeis.
  • Pamela Richards (Speech Pathology Australia) - Committee Member and responsible for Discovery Conference Logistics and Management. Pamela has been involved in the iMIS community since 1997 and joined the NiUG AP Committee in 2017. Pamela is based in Melbourne and is currently National Conference Manager for Speech Pathology Australia.