Discovery is Virtual!

We are so excited to still have an opportunity to bring the NiUG Discovery Conference to everyone this year! Our decision to cancel the in-person conference and shift to a virtual event was not an easy one.  We wanted to include you all in our decision making process and many of you did take the time to fill out our survey to provide feedback and for that we thank you! We needed to better understand how you were feeling about travel, company policy, budgets and many other areas. Everyone that is part of this community is like a second family to us: your safety and health was the main factor in our decision.

We have planned a three day event that will help you incorporate the training you will receive into your daily work lives. We will start with the users' conference portion of the event on October 6th and 7th. The sessions include a keynote panel discussion to kick off each morning, followed by breakout sessions ranging from beginner and intermediate level experiences all the way through to the advanced skill level. We added the advanced level training because we were unable to hold our April event and the need for advanced training in the community is very much requested.

On the third day of the event, October 8th, we will provide the training topics that we would ordinarily hold on the first day at in-person conferences. The training topics are all three hours each, and you will be able to attend one in the morning and one in the afternoon. These will likely all be LIVE training. In addition, if your topic warrants the option to work along with the instructor, we will still provide you with an "iMIS/RiSE/Reporting image" so that you may follow along if you choose to do so. The details for your connection will be sent the night before and it will be up to you (the registrant) to be your own technical support. You will also need to have the ability at home or in your office to connect and have two screens or devices in order to follow along. 

Lastly, upon completion of this event, you will receive the recordings of your training, and if you attend the user conference portion Tuesday and/or Wednesday, you will receive the recordings for those sessions attended as well. This will give you the ability to go into the NiUG Learning Center following the event to watch or re-watch the topics of interest to you!

3 DAYS OF TRAINING - What to Expect?

We have partnered with Matchbox Virtual Media  to offer the NiUG Virtual Event for Discovery, here's what you need to know about the event:

1) Register online for the entire event or portions of the event.
2) You will receive the automated iMIS email confirmation indicating you have registered.
3) Prior to the conference you will receive specific details on how to participate!

It's that easy! We will break each day's sessions out in the way of a virtual agenda, giving you a schedule and connection details to participate!

Not a NiUG Member Yet?

Stop pulling your hair out and participate as a NiUG member! If you (or one staff member) registers at the non-member price, it will include the cost of membership for your entire organization to then participate at member rates! You join as a non-member, wait for us to activate your company, and the rest of your peers can then register at the member rate!

Let NiUG help you! Check out our recording about the benefits of membership for more information on what you get as a company member for your entire staff.