Creating Unity in the Hybrid and Remote Workplace: Six Indispensable Tips Every Membership Organization Needs to Know

Unity in the workplace isn’t always easy to achieve even when folks are housed under one roof. It becomes more challenging when they’re spread across the country, working from home, or following a hybrid schedule that provides limited interaction. What does it take to effectively nurture unity, harmony, and cohesiveness among team members in today’s far-flung work environment? Here are six proven tips to get you started.

Ignite passion for purpose.

You’re on a mission to advance the greater good and that’s a pretty exciting thing. It even has the power to attract and retain top talent. In a 2021 survey conducted by Olivet Nazarene University, 90% of millennials said it is somewhat or very important for their work to have a positive impact on the world. But many remote and hybrid teams, including those in the nonprofit sector, don’t function effectively because they lose sight of what they’re working so hard to achieve. A common purpose is always a critical factor in creating unity within an organization. In the remote or hybrid workplace, a shared purpose becomes the most crucial basis for cohesiveness. Develop a clear vision of your goals and align your team around that vision. Bolster enthusiasm with a support system that frequently reminds people that what they’re doing matters. Connecting to your mission leads to gratifying, impactful work each and every day.

Everyone plays an important role.

Without a “why”, work becomes just a job. People may show up and perform their tasks, but they won’t be very motivated or productive, and they probably won’t stick around. In the remote work environment, internal motivation takes on new levels of importance. Just as connecting to the mission is essential, so is communicating why and how each person’s job contributes to the fulfillment of that mission. When team members understand how their work impacts your organization’s success and the greater good, they’re likely to see it as meaningful and take pride in their contributions.

Make time for fun.

Remote and hybrid schedules make it easier to people to become less connected with their co-workers. Team leaders can build unity simply by creating opportunities for recreation, enjoyment, and socializing. Group activities are a fun way to naturally bring the team together. You might host an interactive online game like Pictionary, Bingo, or trivia, for example. Virtual yoga sessions, coffee breaks, and team lunches also encourage interaction and build camaraderie.

Celebrate wins and recognize special occasions.

Whether it’s a completed group project, organizational milestone, or birthday, strive to create a team culture that prioritizes appreciation. Cheer each other on and express gratitude for the awesome people you work with, even if you don’t get to see them in person very often. Acknowledging shared successes and joyous occurrences translates to celebrating colleagues, and there’s nothing more unifying than that.

Seek out unifying learning experiences.

Group learning is not only empowering, it affords opportunities to build connections. Discussion around new ideas and concepts also encourages camaraderie. NiUG offers a number of group educational events all year, from the basic user to the most advanced user.  Check out NiUG’s full calendar of events here.

Encourage authenticity.

Build the team, but don’t forget the individual. Give each person room to be themselves and to bring their cultural background and personal narrative to the team. Exchanging stories, sharing experiences, and integrating cultural elements are all part of successful bonding. By encouraging authenticity and acceptance, it creates the harmony that’s necessary to deliver excellent results.

Shared purpose is an essential common cord in the nonprofit workplace. It can go a long way in building a solid foundation for effective, flexible work models. Unite around your common bonds to strengthen your culture for successful hybrid and remote work.


No matter how widely your team is distributed, a sense of connectedness and shared purpose is essential for continued success. For additional resources or to learn more about NiUG and the valuable member support we offer, please contact us at or call 570.243.8700.