Welcome to NiUG's NEW  Webinar Series!

Our members have asked for NiUG to do webinars... we agree, it is the best option for association professionals who don't have the time or budget to make our in person meetings.  NiUG is launching a complete series of options!  That's right, you will have multiple options:

  • Professionally developed webinars
  • Case study webinars developed and sponsored by our Associate and Vendor members
  • Departmental live discussion webinars showcasing hot topics and issue surrounding your specific questions, issues and needs
We will record each of these webinars and they will in turn be offered on our Learning Center.
Keep coming back and be watching your inbox for upcoming topics and dates - we will also list these on our community events calendar here on the website!

Professionally Developed Webinars

Our professionally developed webinars are being created and run by a professional education development team along with some of NiUG's top volunteer instructors.  These will be live training webinars where you learn about the subject, walk away with several take away's and have the ability to ask the instructor your burning questions - real time!  

Case Study/Sponsored Webinars  &  Departmental Webinars

Case study/sponsored webinars are online events where we will work with our solution providers and vendors, these topics showcase products available to integrate with iMIS/RiSE and how they have helped like organizations to meet their organizations missions and goals.

Departmental webinars will be open forum discussions, surrounding specific areas of interest based on the departmental areas within your organization (Membership, Events, IT, Finance and more).  Talk about issues you're having and ask your peers and experts how they've accomplished something.  Need advice on what others are doing? What better way to get answers than from other iMIS users and association professional in your field? Don't miss these complimentary discussion group webinars! 


Sponsored Webinars