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Customized Business Objects: Develop New/Modifying Existing

Customized Business Objects: Develop New/Modifying Existing

Sometimes a custom business object is what you need, so why not get a better understanding on how to replicate or modify an existing one and how to create your own from scratch? Business objects can be used to increase efficiency and can allow for runtime customization of iMIS behavior without access to source code. They also allow you to present data in a more user friendly way on your website. If you've tried to create or modify a business object and hit a road block, be sure to bring your issue and ask the instructor for some tips or tricks!

Target Audience: Website Administrators, Database Administrators, Marketing Professionals, CIO's, CTO's

Take Aways:
Understand how a business object can personalize a user experience
Understand how to build a custom business object
Understand how to modify an existing business object to get results you need
How to implement a business object once it is developed/changed

Instructor: Eric Tarasewicz | C Systems Global

Note: All webinars are on eastern time!

9/13/2018 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM