NiUG takes pride in its educational offerings made available to iMIS users. As such, we are committed to making your educational experience one that can be customized to fit your needs and your budget if that is what you, as a user, need! 

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What makes NiUG education stand out and different from other iMIS training?

  • Our training is led by Authorized Solution Providers, Consultants and experienced iMIS Users.
    • These individuals have seen the product used in numerous ways and have their hands on the product every day - - iMIS as you all know is not a one-size-fits-all and each organization has specific needs - - we help make that happen.
  • We provide access to those training professionals even after our educational events. This allows you to glean more information from them to help with your specific needs.
  • We record and make available 90-95% of our training and breakout sessions!
    • If you attend the conference you get this information complimentary as part of your registration fee
    • If you don’t attend, we offer economical solutions so you can purchase and access them 24/7
  • We provide webinars, some with a fee attached but mostly complimentary. Once those have been given, we upload their recordings so you can have access to them 
  • We have an Online Learning Center where you can get a full year of access to training bundles. You could view and listen to every single recorded session from specific years or purchase recordings all the way back to the start of iMIS 20.
  • Our trainers will provide training on the most widely used version of iMIS; however, they are instructed to review past and future changes and enhancements from other versions to keep you properly informed.
  • Networking opportunities are your key to success! At our events, both online and in person, we provide several opportunities to network with other users.

Need a customized educational experience to meet the needs of all your employees or staff? Our Executive Director, Michele Morgan would love to speak with you to develop just that! 

NiUG is an approved CAE Provider!  

Start earning your CAE credit from NiUG education today!

Opportunities are available to conduct training classes, present a conference topic, or sponsor an event. For more information, contact Michele Morgan, NiUG Executive Director.