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Our members work smarter, advance their organization, and make better decisions. How? A NiUG membership opens the door to a wealth of resources to help your organization save time, money, and stress. Maximize your iMIS investment while advancing your organization!


Are you tired of paying for answers to your iMIS-related questions? Before picking up the phone and paying for support again, post your question to the NiUG Listserve. Whether your question is a simple data entry question, about iMIS integration, or how to write a script or report, fellow members are here to help. All you have to do is ask! Posting a few questions per year can save your organization several hundred dollars each year - more than covering the cost of membership.  
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Member Community

With so much to offer within the GoLightly networking product, the NiUG Member Community is waiting for you! View the resource libraries, find members with similar interests, download SQL scripts, obtain Crystal Reports, Troubleshooting Guides and so much more. 
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Learning Center

Advance your organization through training, education, and professional development. The Learning Center gives you hundreds of conference sessions and study materials at your fingertips. It's easy to access and inexpensive, so slip on those bunny slippers, relax in your living room, and learn till your heart is content. 
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App & Add-on Toolbox 

Developed to help you quickly find, sort, & choose the best solution available for your organization, the App & Add-on Toolbox is the easiest way to find iMIS compatible apps, add-ons, and related products.   
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Career Center

Post available positions or review current openings and find the job that is perfect for you! Whether you are looking for an iMIS qualified employee or a general position within your organization, login, and add your openings today! It's FREE... so stop paying so much for all of those job boards online!
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Amplify Your Voice - Submit your iMIS Enhancement Requests

Have you ever wondered why iMIS doesn't do something you wish it did?  Ever wished a specific field included in a future release? Many software developers may act like they want your input but iMIS developers really do want to hear what you have to say.  NiUG's Product Advisory Committee (PAC) has a direct line to the company behind the software - Advanced Solutions International (ASI). Get more out of your iMIS investment and submit your requests.
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