Webinar: Getting the Most out of Your NiUG Member Benefits

Webinar: Getting the Most out of Your NiUG Member Benefits
Description: Join this Complimentary Webinar about the NiUG Member Benefits! So your organization has purchased a NiUG membership and you are pretty sure you need it and that it will be of great use to you. However, you are not quite sure where everything is on the website! How do you access all of these different resources? After taking this webinar, you will have confidence that you made the right decision in purchasing a NiUG Membership and will be skilled at using the tools you need to move your organization forward with the use of iMIS.

Target Audience: All Association Professionals

Take Aways: 
- Learn what benefits are included in a NiUG Membership
- Learn how to find and use these benefits on the NiUG Website
- Become skilled at accessing tools to help you succeed with your iMIS
- Get insight on what NiUG is working on for release in 2020 before anyone else!

Instructors: Michele Morgan, DES, CMP, Executive Director, Del Crawford, Event/Marketing Specialist & Tina Patitucci, Membership Coordinator | NiUG International, Inc.
2/4/2021 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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