The ALL NEW - iMIS User & Community Virtual Summit

It has been a long several months of planning but we are ready.  Ready to deliver another amazing virtual event to all of the users and entire iMIS Community once again.  This event has been promising you to be completely different, not just in the way of offerings but setup, tracks, variety and more!  Whether you are a membership or events coordinator, a C level in any of the organizational departments, an iMIS database guru or just wanting to know more about what to look for when moving to iMIS 2020 - we have so much to offer in this new program.


  1. We have SEVEN (7) different tracks to choose from!

  2. You can sign up for one segment, two segments, the full program OR a company registration, allowing 6 people to take advantage of training for a very economical price point.

  3. You will receive the recordings for what you signed up for to watch later in our Learning Management System -- COMPLIMENTARY!

  4. Each session detail highlights what versions of iMIS are covered.

  5. Zoom fatigue is REAL...we have taken each segment and broken it into two (2) half days.  This allows you to have optimal retention of the information, time to focus on your daily job tasks as well as saving your eyes a bit from screen time.

  6. Each segment is a different color, making it easy to see when and what sessions you need to put on your schedule.

  7. ALL NEW - NiUG PRESENTS: iMIS Products in Action as a PRE-EVENT product review, featuring webinars, demos, a sneak peek at the exhibitor platform, and you can WIN great PRIZES just for participating!

3 DAYS OF TRAINING - What to Expect?

We have partnered with Matchbox Virtual Media  to offer the iMIS User & Community Virtual Summit.  Here's what you need to know about the event:

  1. Register online for the entire event or segments of the event.
  2. You will receive the automated iMIS email confirmation indicating you have registered.
  3. Prior to the conference you will receive specific details on how to participate.
It's that easy!  We will break each day out into a virtual agenda, giving you a schedule and connection details to participate.  Never participated in a virtual event?  Don't worry, we've got you!  We will have 1-2 "Know Before You Go" webinars to explain how everything works so you can get the most out of the virtual experience.


Not a NiUG Member Yet?

Stop pulling your hair out and participate as a NiUG member!  Check out the downloadable registration form  to see how you may include a membership as part of the registration!  You can join as a non-member purchasing the entire event or sign up for a company registration for six (6) people, and the fee is included for membership.  We will simply activate your membership and voila!  You will be an active member and ALL of your employees will then be able to take advantage of the benefits of being a member.

Let NiUG help you!  Check out our recording about the benefits of membership for more information on what you get as a company member for your entire staff.